This is just a quick note to let you know that the new player registration system for SHA Ladies League players is open for you to start registering.

As you can see from the screen prints, the player registrations that were there last year have been cleared so you need to start from scratch and use the New Registrations option (as nobody will have registered anyone yet, you can't use the Transfer options). Please would you stick to the following:

1.  Only register players who will actually be playing for you - not your whole membership on the off-chance - you can always register the odd player as and when they join.

2.  Register all your players against your 1st XI, or your highest team in the SHA Ladies League if you have teams in higher leagues. The League is not checking that a player is registered to a specific team, only that they are registered to play for your club in this League so it is important that you do this. If the player is not registered to your highest SHALL team then the player will be treated as not registered.

3.  If you have teams in higher leagues, you will have to provide a list of nominated players who cannot play in the SHA Ladies League so please think about this before you register everyone in your 1st XI.

If you have any problems then please feel free to contact Janet Slater (Secretary) or Liz Aisemme (Registrations Secretary) or the FixturesLive Support team (check the Support link at the bottom of the registrations page before you do though as you may well find the answer)