Frequently asked questions

Player Eligibility

How do I go about requesting player eligibility for an upcoming game?
Email the league - use the following link as a good example on how to go about it. Click Here.

How do I register a player?

Take a look at our specially dedicated SHALL Player Registration page.

Juniors taking part in Surrey Ladies Hockey League.
Take a look at what England Hockey say about Juniors in a adult league.

Pregnancy and hockey.
Take a look at what England Hockey has to say on this issue.


How do I enter a new team
If your club wishes to enter a new team into, or drop an existing one out of, the League then you need to let us know by 31st March so that the change can be taken into account when the promotions/relegations are being sorted out in early April.

Texting results

How do I text in the results as a Captain?
Take a look at the Fixtures Live instructions.


Approaching an Umpire
Take a look at the 'Spotlight on Umpires' page.


What do I do in the case of a walkover?
Do NOT text in your result. Contact Terri Foggin (Matchday Secretary) and Nicky Parry-Jones (Results Secretary) and copy the opposition in on the email.