Where would we all be without our much loved Umpires. This season we would like to champion those Umpires that you feel are doing a wonderful job. Good umpires are rarely noticed as they allow play to proceed in the least interuptive manner. Their aim; to create a game that is played as fairly as possible and decisions taken in the most unbiased way. Having both authority over the match and providing good disipline they speed up and down the pitch with us - sometimes doing two or three matches in one day.


Spencer 4's
Leatherhead 1's would like to nominate Spencer 4's umpire who umpired their game on October 29th. 

Charles Stoddert - Cranleigh Ladies 1's
Woking Vets would like to nominate Charles Stoddert who umpires for Cranleigh ladies 1's.
We have always found Charles to be consistent and fair and our game on Dec 11th was no exception. He played good advantages and when he is umpiring our experience is that the game flows.

Whilst the umpire's decision is final there are acceptable ways and means to question the decision. But players need to think first. In the heat of the game many quite innocent remarks or questioning can appear to be rude or aggressive so please do this with sensitivity and caution.
Umpires understand that players need to know why a penalty has been awarded against them even if only so not to repeat the offence. So they are quite happy to give a brief comment or action to explain without interupting the flow of play.
If players do have a genuine concern and wish to take it further then it should go through their Captain.
Whilst this may all be basic etiquette you may want to remind players that poor behaviour is not acceptable. Some of our umpires are still learning or gaining more experience and we want them to feel safe and go on umpiring for us every Saturday.